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Adventure Holidays & Treks, a name very popular among Adventure & Cultural Tourists over 20 Years. Founded by Mr.Jahir, Adventure Holidays & Treks has crossed all the boundaries of success. Adventure Holidays & Treks has been rendering excellent services to visitors be it a business traveller, mountain enthusiast, cultural tourist or a holiday maker. Thus offering Taylor made & Custom Made Tours to visitors across the globe. Our Specially designed tours has always been favourite for different & difficult tourists.

The company owns a fleet of tourist transport and is fully equipped to cater to every type of tourism activities. The company is backed by a network of offices and local representatives across the country with a team of professionals having considerable experience in the tourist trade. Also the founder members have two decades of experience in the travel trade and have led a number of treks, tours and expeditions throughout the country. The regular inflow of tourist to India provide employment to people of these areas; thereby contributing to local economy. Utmost care is taken to conserve forests and ecology. There are several tourist destinations all over India that you may visit while you are on a tour of this exciting and wonderful country.

You have the option to choose your travel destination that may range from interesting places in the Himalayan mountain ranges in the North to the region near the Indian Ocean in the South, from the Thar Desert in the West to the areas near the Bay of Bengal in the East. Your India Tour Operator, Adventure Holidays & Treks makes sure that you visit the destination of your choice.

Adventure Holidays & Treks, one of our most reliable and recherché Tourist Guides and Travel Operator takes you for your vacations and holidays to the exotic Indian cities of Agra-the City of the Taj Mahal, Ahmedabad, Chennai-the IT hub of, Delhi-the National capital city, Darjeeling-the City of mountains, Jodhpur-the town of royal splendor, Khajuraho- the land of erotic temples, Kolkata-India's cosmopolitan hub and Varanasi-an important and sacred city for the Hindu pilgrims.

Our exclusive India Tourist Guide and Specially Designed Packages offer you the most unforgettable tour experiences. Our exquisite Train Tours, Adventure Tours, Wildlife Tours and other Tour Itineraries around India take you for an unparalleled one hand experience of Fairs & Festivals, Beaches, Celebrations, Incentives Tours, Ayurveda Yoga & Spa in India. So why wait, book your tour to India with your trusted India Travel Agent, Adventure Holidays & Treks.

You can enjoy tours of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Maldives, Sri Lanka and more, with Adventure Holidays & Treks the most reliable Tour Operator in India. Stretch out in the white beaches of Maldives, go on tours to medieval fortified Buddhist monasteries, dzhongs in Bhutan, explore the wonders of this Himalayan Kingdom and religious heritage in Nepal, Sail on tours of mighty rivers in Bangladesh, be witness to the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy all this and more with your India Travel Agent and Tourist Guide, Adventure Holidays and Treks.

Adventure Holidays & Treks has online hotel booking in India. Get discounts for online hotel booking in India for luxury hotels, deluxe hotels and budget Hotels in India. We have a plentiful accommodation options for your pleasant stay in India. You can choose from the long list of Luxury Resorts, Wildlife Resorts, Ayurveda Resorts, Heritage hotels and Spa Resorts throughout India. We have excellent options for accommodation in different Indian cities too. So, whether you are coming to India on a holiday, pilgrimage, adventure, business or research tour, just tell us your preferences and a dream hotel suiting your needs is ready for you for a pleasant stay and holiday.

So why sit thinking? Plan your trip to Asia and give us the opportunity to serve you. Adventure Holidays & Treks, your India Tour Operator and Travel Agent gets you flying to different countries and treasure lands for exclusive tours and holidays.